#TheShortBus Flashblog: A Second Chance

I apologize to everyone who has been unable to write a topic before the deadline back in January. Unfortunately, the flash blog was not as successful as I have hoped it would be. In fact, because I have seen so few people showing immediate interest, I planned to put it off until next time it would become relevant (perhaps the next school year starting August/September of 2015). Yet on Facebook, the people who were interested were wondering what happened to my original plan.

I know there is at least one person who really wanted to write, but did not get a chance to submit anything for this round. You know who you are. If you are still interested, I will give you until September, which is a lot of time from now. The same goes for any other bloggers who wish to participate.

To those of you who have already written, thank you so much for participating and doing your part to spread the word.


4 thoughts on “#TheShortBus Flashblog: A Second Chance

  1. Hoping there’ll be a 2017 edition of the Short Bus Flash Blog.
    I will write about a book called Wimmera where the two main characters meet their intellectually disabled classmates and the narrator at this point [chapter 5] refers to the “veggie bus”.


    1. I know it has been awfully quiet here. I really do want to liven up this blog again, knowing how many people out there have stories to share.


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