Why start a flashblog?

The small yellow school bus is well-known for the fact that it transports students who have been enrolled in a special education class at least once. The stigma of being a “special needs” child continues to exist, so much that “short bus rider” has become a synonym for the infamous R-word.

Whether a passenger has an intellectual disability or a high IQ is irrelevant. Every single disability advocate is tired of seeing the general population make disabled people the butt of its jokes.

The short bus is not a insult. It is a transportation system to ensure that children with disabilities make it home safely. It is not something a child should have to hide from their peers. Any jokes about the “short bus” need to be treated as harshly as racist or sexist jokes.

If you agree, join us on Monday January 5th, 2015 for the “Short Bus” flashblog!

Who can participate?

Anyone! Whether you have a disability yourself, are a family member, or simply an ally, you are welcome to share your thoughts.

What to submit

Tell us anything about your “short bus” experience. Have you ridden the short bus, or does your child currently ride the short bus? Or have people ever called you a “short bus rider” as an insult?

You may write a paragraph or poem, post pictures, make a video, or even take some selfies!

This flashblog is inclusive of every disability and all ranges of intelligence. While we know that some “short bus riders” can actually be very smart and talented, that should not be used as a justification for acceptance. The point is no “short bus rider” should ever be devalued of their humanity, no matter what skillset they have.

Thank you all for participating!


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