#TheShortBus Flashblog is dedicated to all children who have been teased because of the small yellow bus they took to and from school. It is also dedicated to their parents and siblings, and any children who were called “shortbussed” due to a word they misspelled or a certain behavior that appeared “different” to their peers.

Many advocates have urged people to stop using the infamous R-word in their everyday language, and have successfully removed it from the DSM as an official diagnosis. But the R-attitude still persists. The words “short bus” and “special ed” continue to carry the same connotation of shaming people who are seen as “less intelligent” and therefore less human. Unfortunately, little has been done to reduce the stigma of being enrolled in special education, let alone being someone who rides the short bus. A child should never have to hide the fact that they are associated with special education in any way, not even the mode of transportation they take between home and school.

If you, a family member, or a friend have faced any discrimination due to being associated with the small yellow school bus, please email me your submission for review and I will post it on this blog.

Thank you for your participation!



3 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. I’m not sure how else to reach the organizers of this flashblog, so I’m leaving this comment because I want to alert you all that two of us tried and failed to submit our posts. Mine is on DreamWidth, rather than a more common platform such as WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr, but Chelsea’s submission is on her WordPress, so I don’t think the platform is the problem.

    Anyway, here is the link to Chelsea’s post:

    And here’s the link to mine:


    1. Hello Vlad,

      I am sorry for the confusion. I actually deleted my own reblog here, as I am the only one who runs this blog. I forgot to delete the link on the original post that is supposed to direct you to the reblog.

      I copied and pasted your post about 10 minutes before you commented. It should be titled #TheShortBus Flashblog: Where I Began to Learn Humility. I cut the entry short on the home page, but if you click “Continue reading” you will be able to read the entire entry.

      If you have any other questions, you may email me at


  2. Awesome. Thanks! It finally dawned on me that *you* were the one organizing this only after I saw your Dreamwidth and twitter usernames after I’d commented my thanks on my Dreamwidth post. I’m really new at this blogging business, can you tell? 😀 (big smile)


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